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Blue Lotus Blue Lotus

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This is exactly what the flash portal needs more of. Great choice in music by the way.

The animation could be better which is why it doesn't get a 10 from me, but I REALLY like the ideas brought forth by the short. Great job!

I'm not sure if you should even make a sequel, maybe just other super simple things like this, it's wonderful.

There is just little enough character development for you to not have characters but ideas here, if you get what I mean.

Keep it up!


PS No joke, once you get very good at animating too, you could make some amazing things.

Sketchy Friends Dance Sketchy Friends Dance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thank you.

Thank you sir, for making my day better. I will cherish this FOREVER.

Should do another one some time. Just a thought. Very good idea.

TheBoogley responds:

Thanks! :D
I'm working on developing something special with these sorts of characters, but it'll be a while off.
I want to make something to submit to animation festivals.

:the Composer: :the Composer:

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Truly Heartfelt

This flash...this music, it explicitly portrays " that not all truth could be deduced from axioms, that there were inescapable realities in the world which could only be reached through emotion, feeling and intuition". (-Anonymous-).

The fact that this flash-music combo portrayed such a wide variety of emotion, intuition, and the eternal (and internal) subconcious thought processes and meanings to life that we form in our head...

The fact that you managed to complete the cycle and form and endless loop..was just awe-inspiring. The thought that while when the composer was sucessful he was happy for a while, he only found a final, true happiness when he managed to find another boy, not unlike him, that he was sure would beging this cycle again, and pray that one day that boy may countinue the cycle for yet another..very lovely thoughts indeed.

I also like the fact that "The Composer" remained nameless and that he was just a nobody one day, celebrity the next, and a nobody again the day after that...

Thanks for submitting this flash AND song! I will remember it for a long time, it was truely wonderful!