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Entry #6


2009-05-10 12:34:36 by TheWisestMagi

Just starred in a musical, got baptized, and signed up for college.

Here we go I guess..



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2009-05-11 07:55:22

Long time ne see, friend. Looks like you're doing fine.

TheWisestMagi responds:

Yes I'm doing quite well! I need to cathc up on your music whilst I am thinking of it. Hopefully you are doing well too, I'll check your page for anything in a moment.

Good to hear from you.


2009-06-16 20:35:27

Awww, Winnie.

TheWisestMagi responds:

Better believe it.


2009-08-31 00:47:09

Best of luck mate! What musical was it by the way? =)

TheWisestMagi responds:

It was Godspell ;). This seems like so long ago already...haha. Funny how that happens.


2010-01-25 13:17:08

Hey guy, what's new? What have you been up to? Jesus says "hi".

TheWisestMagi responds:

Haha, well still doing my college thing. I'm probably going to become a highschool teacher qualified to teach english and psychology. I also hope to work with drumlines. We'll see, who knows what'll happen to me.

Hi Jesus!

I haven't completed any songs in like a year, but hopefully I'll make one or two over the summer.

What about you? What have you been doing?


2010-04-08 01:19:03

Careful, it's quite a blustery day outside!

TheWisestMagi responds:

I know it! But sometimes it's nice to have a breeze through your hair or the wind on your face.


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2011-07-19 23:27:21

Miss u dude!